and RHYTHM like this never ends

Aideist | Bach (Since: Late 2009)
Biases: Dual-wields, handsome ojiisans, long-haired ikemens, males, dps, speed, and costumes.

★ final YEARGH ★
Casually plays during weekends only.
Probably just boring updates for now.

✦ ✧ ✦ ✦ ✧ ✦

I’m terrible at dealing with fliers in pvp.

What’s more with invi + double fliers. :s

This enemy been holding me from moving to a higher rank since…. months.

I’m still having lags in pvp. Yeah, I may blame this on lags but I think I’m no longer enthusiastic about wxpvp even for the points = easy leveling.

I rather lose because of my lack of pvp skills instead of pointless match against lags. -.-

So yeah, quitting pvp forever.

*I still would like to properly fight against this enemy in wx though. :c

I watched Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works (of course!!!!) episode 00 yesterday and….

I can’t unsee Levin from Archer.

- Both are voiced by Suwabe Junichi with the similar voice tone.

- Both are servants to their masters.

You’re pathetic, Suzuken (Lionel)

…just, hang in there. /cries at his HP

um, I can explain why his level is left out. I was SCRing the other day so, of course 1 slot was taken by JD and the lowbies each, and the last slot was given to Element (Emilia) because I figure she should be maxed first since she’s my main support character. SORRY, SUZU! orz

It was very frustrating that my internet starts dc-ing again when Naos (JD) and Element reached HM8 and thus, I wasn’t able to push them to HM max as I planned.

It was also the week I was out of gpts to buy more pass AND the shops I went to buy the codes got their topup machine busted/offline. :s

Gee, thanks IAH for extending the Sirius event.

But I’m sorry. I’m unhappy with the news. T____T

I’m like “damn it IAH you always does a nice (and easy) event whenever I’m not available to play”.

If I had known it would be extended until now I could have asked someone to login for me or something.

I have so many feels on missing to get free costume ok. 2poor4prettycostumes.


If I want to afk I seriously need to watch GE because I will dc about every 15mins. That kind of removes the point of afking =P
Stupidly in my 7 day Ancient En Celar pass, I’ve only afked one night.

I feel you! T_T

It’s double frustration when there’s no dc happens when I’m not on any pass.



【JGE】Character Voice - Patrick

Hatano wataru>♥<!!!!!


Miyu, Miyu. Lookie. :D

Should I name him as Gajeel because my Black Dragon pet is Metalicana.


Anticipated rnpc + GS stance + seiyuu bias + deep voice = PERFECT. ;//v//;

Bless jGE. ;//v//;

Armonia, En Celar (part 2)

Armonia, En Celar. (part 1)

The Nightmare of Abyss event gave me the opportunity to roam freely in Armonia En Celar! \o\

…and look at the wreckage. ;_;


Ohhh my…Ella is Vincent’s sister *_* 

btw, Korea/Japan/Taiwan got name Ella, but she can be released with name Berthe Oo

um, I paid too much attention to the skull there. It really knows how to pose for photos. 8D

2nd pic > LOL! how cute

edit: ok i just realize the skull is Charles.


Instead of being productive, I drew facial hair-

K I’ll hide my tablet

I love them 10000x moar now!