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New costumes for Natalie, Cannonshooter Claire and Cutie Claire. Not much diff between CSC and Cutie costumes other than the hairstyle.


Waaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee T______T

One of my biggest fears just happened…

A slutty costume for my cute tsundere natalie T^T WHY IMC WHYYYYYYY

How does this cute shy,tsundere, strong-willed natalie 


turn into that shameless, revealing sailor-school girl wannabe slut omg nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I love natalie so much… Just whyyyyyyyyyyyy why must you do this IMC why T____T

///// That costume never exist in my GE life. ////

Looking at her costume makes me angry! Too revealing (what do I expect from imc heh).


…enjoy the continuous wins while it last! \8D/

(is talking to myself)

I’ll quit normal mode when I get to the ohko stage.











I was told it was ok to lose that much money in a random gambling game like Lyndon Box by IAH,and I was pissed off since then.I had to sell a lot of things to make up for all the money I lost.And finally,here’s Levin.Expensive,and even more expensive for me since I had to sell GP items from Cash Shop to be able to gather this much vis.

But god,he has such a pretty face!I love his pink eyes and -once more- his bishounen face.xD

So yeah,this marked the last time I played LB.Next time I’m just gonna top-up 84k gp,sell them and buy the character card from a player.Less expensive and 100% sure you’ll get it.

Now I’m off to train him!Monty’s gonna be happy! *put them together in the barracks*

Gratz!!! ( * _ * ) 

1.8b!!!!!…………………………………………. only???

T^T why bach and rembrandt differ so much….. orz the least you can pay for levin in bach is like 2.2b….. I’ve seen people buying even at 2.7b. Idk about 3b but maybe someone already reached that price??? coz I saw many cards 3b+ at MM gone by the day after.. huhu

I saw Levin on MM at 5b on first 2 days… price gradually going down cos hard sell because too OP. >__<

I just……. really don’t get how he became that OP. orz

is it hopeless for me to keep wishing I’ll get to see the price drops til less than 1b by the end of next week…. ^_____^;


I forgot WxPvP records are separated for normal and FIM now (and it gets reset since the patch update?)

I didn’t know about the change in the time either. So with the mood to pvp, I logged when it’s almost 2200 only to find…

FIM single: 2100-2140.



Not my timing unfortunately — it’s when I have dinner + chores. T^T

Hope it gets changed when the team pvp is available (or else, I’ll be battling over pvp and my growling stomach).

A day in dress room!

Rascel’s Natural Hairstyle = CUTE HAIR BUN!!!!!!! *___*

I suppose Black Scorpion costume is meant to give him a slightly muscular look.


Those days when Lyndon was still able to afford the rent…

What is it that you can’t see? ^q^

Yes. It’s the experience bar.

It has been like this since the major UI change in Renaissance patch (i think?). Changing to a bigger resolution or running in full screen still ended with the same result. My laptop screen has the width but not the height. ^^;;;

And so, whether I’m leveling or when people asks how many % of my character’s level, I have to Print Screen, and look it up at the GE screenshot folder. o)—(

Excuse me for the random post.


I want Olivia’s Deep Blue Hair for Ion! I think Grandies will like it too~

Macho level up! *Q*


I want Olivia’s Deep Blue Hair for Ion! I think Grandies will like it too~

Macho level up! *Q*


Contrary to the title, I’m in the mood to let out some personal thoughts on the current game “atmosphere” instead ranting about IAH’s inclining terrible service/cash-milking schemes.

Definitely a rare post from me. tldr post lmao

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