and RHYTHM like this never ends

Aideist | Bach (Since: Late 2009)
Biases: Dual-wields, handsome ojiisans, long-haired ikemens, males, dps, speed, and costumes.

★ final YEARGH ★
Casually plays during weekends only.
Probably just boring updates for now.

✦ ✧ ✦ ✦ ✧ ✦

Second batch of Masters, all ladies. :D

Bernelli is the first female rnpc that I came to love. And she helped trained my prevets A LOT (Lorch shall take over from now). So she deserves to be Mastered first. Then Cadet Adriana since, I have yet to unlock Adriana’s recruitment yet. >.< And finally, an ele I can bring to raids. TvT I just need to get her a new bracelet. Been stalking the MM and broads but there’s none that is within my budget. orz

And I finished Elisa’s quest this morning! How could I forgot that I have almost 100 clear rums in my vault.. 8D;; Now just to get her Therapy stance… >.>